The Chair

Once upon a time there was a chair.

A young married woman refinished it and took an upholstery class to learn how to reupholster it. 

The chair looked nice.

Then time and a daughter with two cats and no experience in reupholstered took ownership of the chair, and eventually the chair looked, well, horrible  

Then one year the girl and her husband decided to redo the chair as a team  he would give the wooden arms and legs new life, and then she would redo the seat and back.

He got his share of the work done with characteristic speed and efficiency.

She did not. There were always other things to do that seemed (or were) more pressing, and truth be told, she was kind of intimidated by the task. She had never done this sort of thing before, and with characteristic fear and procrastinating, she kept putting it off.

And outside things were also going on in her life, more so than in his life, and taking on this intimidating project felt like more than she could handle.

Around a year and a half went by this way, and resentment grew in him, while guilt and paralysis grew in her, until one evening there was an unplanned exchange of words, and she realized she needed to face and finish this project.

So she did.

And it really wasn't all that difficult after all.


The End

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  1. Thanks! It’s not entirely fabric – there’s a layer of burgundy flannel (which looks like fuschia in the image) and I crocheted the tan stuff.

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