Temperature Afghan January 2017


I finished January's rows a few weeks ago. I had thought about adding in a row of black to separate each month, but that would disrupt the color flow, and my sister said not to,  so instead I just tied in a little black fringe on each side. 


I'm happy with the look so far, and I'm very happy with the colors I'm using.

I thought it would be a good idea to measure the length, now that I've got the first month finished, so I could calculate the length of the finished afghan. So I did. January is 14" long.  Yeah. Which means that 12 months X 14 inches equals a 14 foot afghan. A nice size if you've got two big beds situated foot to foot and you want to cover both with one blanket. Unfortunately, we are unable to make this work in our puny normal-sized bedroom, so I think I will make two afghans – a January-June and a July-December. 

Of course, this bothers me because I would prefer a different dividing line. Maybe November-March and an April-October.   Cooler months and warmer months.

But maybe that wouldn't matter. I just had to add three more colors to my February line-up because I hadn't expected to get into the 60s and even into the 70s just yet.



2 thoughts on “Temperature Afghan January 2017

  1. I love the colors you used too! Really cool. I’m not really into warm color… so these are the ones I always use at home no matter what season it is.

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