One Week In

I can make do pretty well left-handed with most tasks.  It's not pretty, though.  Last night eating soup I realized that I'm about as tidy as a toddler, but most of the important stuff made it into my mouth, so it's ok.

The surgery was exactly a week ago, and then on Friday I went back for my post-op visit and the original bandage was removed and I got to see my bruised hand and the five stitches at the base of my palm.  Very pretty.

The surgeon told me I could start moving my fingers a bit, and he put a dollop of bacitracin along my incision and slapped (okay, gently placed) a giant band-aid over that and said I could change that as little as once a day or as often as I liked, and I could get my hand wet as long as the band-aid sides were sealed to protect the stitched up area.  I could wrap it back up with an ace bandage if I wanted to.

Later that day, I wanted to.  My entire wrist was very sore and the little wrist bones felt loose and when I flexed my wrist it felt like I had a bag of rocks in there banging around.  My whole hand was stiff, and I tried gently touching my thumb to my fingertips and all of them made it but the pinkie was very reluctant.  I stopped after one try.  I don't want to rush things.  I want this to work.  

I found an ace bandage and wrapped my hand back up, but I wiggled and curled my fingers now and then, just to remind them that they won't be allowed to slack off forever.

At this very moment my ace bandage is off and I am actually doing a little typing right now.  

I was given a prescription for Tylenol 3, but I only used it the first day and a half.  It didn't do much for the pain – just made me sleepy.  I've just been using OTC meds as needed.  

And rest.  Difficult, necessary rest.

Speaking of which, that's it for now.  


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