Cutting the Cord

I just cancelled my Pro Plan with Typepad after (months ago) moving most of my posts and photos over here to WordPress.  It’s been a scary process.  Especially moving the photos, which took a few tries because there were so many of them.  And then somehow some of my posts migrated five times!  I don’t exactly know why.  Many of them were posts about the old cakes I’d made, and I think I had them under a couple of headings – like “Gallery of Cakes” and other cake topics.  So maybe they were viewed as multiple posts.  But some of the multiples had nothing to do with cakes, so that logic wouldn’t apply.   Anyway, I recently finally went through and I’m pretty sure I got rid of all the duplicate posts.

I’ve still got things to tinker with here.  But I have to do this in small bites.  My brain hasn’t been able to process all the newness, although I’ve been feeling the desire to do it, so that’s an improvement from the Fog of Doubt that was clouding my mind any time I thought about giving this blog a facelift.  I’ve decided I’m perfectly capable of getting set up in this new and strange (to me) place.  I just have to break it into smaller pieces.

But anyway, I’m just stopping by to give a little wave to you and say I’m working my way back to writing on a regular basis.  And I know I’ve said that before over the past recent years.  And then I haven’t done it.  But bear with me.  I think I still have things to say.

Also, we got a puppy.  🙂



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  1. I am so glad to see your new post and hear about your progress. I was hoping all was well with you. New technology – it’s a constant struggle! Happy puppy time!

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