Random Stuff

Up until today, I still felt the residual effects from being sick and hardly eating most of last week.  Foggy headed and suspicious of many foods that I’d ordinarily like.  That was me.  Unable to multitask without becoming grumpy and stressed.  Such a joy to be around.

Today, my head is clear.  I feel like I actually have a working brain in there instead of polyster fiberfil.  It’s a nice change.


Alex · Julia

As Different As

I'm trying to remember what Alex was like when he went into first grade.  Did he have the same hard time adjusting to the big change from half-day kindergarten to all-day elementary school?  I don't think he did, really.  Or, if he did have any sort of adjustment issues, they manifested themselves differently than they are with his sister.

Maybe I'm remembering wrong.  I probably am.  I know, actually, that there were days he didn't WANT to do his homework, it was TOO HARD, there was TOO MUCH TO DO.  I remember alternately sympathizing and reprimanding, hugging and ignoring frustrated tears.  I do remember, after all.

But still.