Almost There

It's so hectic this month - not just with Alex's birthday cake to create, but with all the end-of-the-school-year stuff going on for my kids AND my husband.  Not to mention food-related activities that I haven't had time to write up...things like...we're brining pork bellies so we can make bacon...I need to make a goats milk cheddar soon...I made cheese curds (and french fries and gravy) for poutine recently...I also finally made my fresh and mesophilic starters...our garden is doing incredibly well (knock wood) - we've got zucchini ripening now, for example. 

Julia's got another wiggly tooth...Alex hit two doubles in last night's baseball game...I'm making two big cakes for an event this week, which I'll tell you about after it's all finished...and soon we'll be starting on this year's house project - painting the outsides of the house and garage.  I'm very excited about that - looking forward to a new color.  Not 100% sure yet what that color will be, but I'll be deciding soon.


Random Weighty Matters

The past two days have been blazing hot.  80s and 90s.  Humid.  Hot.  Ugh.

I'm not a heat-loving chick, in case you didn't know.  I can deal with it, mostly, but too much and I wilt.

I was okay these past two days because of several things.  For one thing, according to the weather forecasts, there was an end in sight.  So I just had to hold on.  I figured I could get a LOT of laundry done in such hot weather, and you know, cranking out laundry (and drying it outside on the line) is my raison d'etre.  Of course it is.

So there was that.

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A Little Motherhood Story

The other day I was reading very old posts from the beginning of this website - late 2003 and after that.  Alex and Julia (once Julia made her appearance in May of 2004) were very young, and I didn't always get a decent night's sleep back then.

I remember, through a fog, many nights when I was up at all hours with Julia, my small, loud nocturnal creature.  I remember drifting through the days, brain fuzzy and dull, just focusing on making it to the next place, the next task, the next meal, because I couldn't really think any farther ahead than that.

And I remember how odd it was when Julia finally, finally started to sleep through the night.