Biscotti Three Ways and Other Cookies

Those of you who have been visiting me over the years will know that I have a bunch of cookies that I make every year before Christmas.  Some of them are recipes inherited from my late mother-in-law, and some are recipes I know certain people really like, and some are recipes I like.  Some yearsContinue reading “Biscotti Three Ways and Other Cookies”

Trying to Find My Compass

Last week my companions, Worry, Anxiety, Depression, and Fear, got together and threw a party in my brain.  In addition to my usual stress-inducing thoughts, I started wondering what the purpose of life was.  Specifically, my life, naturally, but also, just our lives in general.  But mostly mine.  I got stuck thinking – wondering –Continue reading “Trying to Find My Compass”

Crocheting – Temperature Blanket 2017 Part 2 May June July August

This is the second temperature blanket from 2017. You can see the first one here.  I'm not planning to make the third.  I don't need to.  I've done two.  That's enough for me.   The pattern for both is the Moss Stitch, or Granite Stitch, or Linen Stitch.  Same stitch, different names.  Very easy.  SingleContinue reading “Crocheting – Temperature Blanket 2017 Part 2 May June July August”