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What’s in a Name? Or, more to the point, what’s in your Pumpkin Ale?


A few days or so ago I wrote a post about Southern Tier Brewing Company's Imperial Pumking Ale.  And in that post, in case you haven't read it and don't feel like it right now although you should, I raved and waxed rhapsodic about this marvelous Pumpkin Ale - brewed - as it says right there on the label - "With Real Pumpkins!"

And that was about it. 

Now this past weekend, my husband played guitar at the wedding of a friend of his.  He played for free, he and I were guests as well, and we had a lovely time.  And then when we were leaving, the groom gave Bill, in thanks, a case of assorted beers.  And not just your big-name, small-flavor beers.  A lot of interesting imports and domestic microbrews and, we discovered - a 6-pack of assorted pumpkin ales.

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A few weeks ago my husband and some of his buddies brewed up a batch of beer (about 20 gallons) to be divided among the four of them.

One of the guys brought his daughter along - a little girl right around Julia's age.  This is the second time she's been over, so she and Julia were already well acquainted.

Long before that first play date, the little girl's father and Bill and I had been sharing stories about our respective daughters and their rather strong little personalities.  We all figured the two of them would either hit it off or become mortal enemies.  Fortunately for all, they hit it off.  More or less.