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Chocolate Coconut Almond Biscotti

Bill had asked me to make some biscotti for a colleague (long story), so I did that earlier in the week.  Bill had requested almond biscotti with white chocolate chips, so I made that, it came out fine, etc.

But I'm not really a huge fan of white chocolate, though I used it and liked it in the Lemon Biscotti with Candied Ginger and White Chocolate Chips that I made a while back.  

I wanted real chocolate.  Dark chocolate.

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Feedback on the Forty (okay, Thirty-Seven) and a Biscotti Recipe

Last night was the Pasta dinner fundraiser for my husband's students.  You know, the one I baked some cookies for.  According to all reports, the whole night was a huge success; lots of tickets sold, lots of raffle tickets sold, lots of pasta consumed, etc.  The kids and I arrived a bit early, intending to help set up if needed, but all the parent volunteers had already taken care of that, so we just hung out...looked at the stuff on the raffle table...the kids played tag with one of my husband's students.