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Experimental Veggie Burgers and Cheesy Biscuits


Okay, you know how sometimes if you say a certain word over and over, it starts to sound really bizarre?  Try it.  Bicycle.  Bicycle.  Bicycle. 

The same thing happened to me just now as I was typing the title to this post.  Biscuits.  Bisciuts?  Biscuits?  Biscuits?  Can this be right?

Anyway, this post is about one ambitious day (the same day, in fact, that I made my luscious Sweet Potato Bisque) that I made up a recipe for my own veggie burgers and made biscuits for the burgers instead of rolls.  Why?  Biscuits are quicker.  Even if “biscuit” is a weird word.

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Burger, Patty, Cake


I bought some Gardenburger brand veggie burgers one night recently.  I was tired and didn’t want to cook, but we were all hungry, and we were all sick of meat.  Or something like that.

Anyway, I brought the veggie burgers home, cooked them up, and we pretty much devoured them. 

And then Bill and I started thinking and talking about them, and about how easy it would be to make our own, and why don’t we?  Why haven’t we been doing that?  What’s wrong with us??

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Renee Pottle’s Vegetarian Burgers

As I mentioned in my recent post about Renee Pottle's cookbook I Want My Dinner Now!, I recently made the Vegetarian Burgers and these were a twofold hit - first time being as sandwiches for dinner, and the second time - for my husband the next morning as a substitute for corned beef hash with his eggs.  Now, they don't taste like corned beef, it was more the texture, but regardless - I got extra mileage and an idea for tweaking the recipe specifically for breakfast some time.