Progressing Nicely


The kids holler for me any time Scratchy is spotted exhibiting normal, aka pre-Scary Sickness, behavior.

“Mom!  Scratchy’s eating!”

“Mom, come quick!  Scratchy’s drinking water!  Out of his bowl!”

“Mom!  I saw Scratchy use the litterbox!  He pooped!”

There is no privacy here.


Hide and Seek

I had a message on the answering machine this afternoon from Scratchy’s veterinarian – his blood work came back and while he’s not back to normal, his numbers have improved remarkably (the Dr’s word). 

I’d had a long day, I was tired, headachy, and verging on weepy-for-no-reason.  Then I got that message and suddenly I felt better about things.

Alex · Cats

Getting Back to His Old Self


This morning when I opened the bedroom door I was greeted by a white and gray cat who meowed cheerfully at me before brushing past my legs to inspect the premises.

I was so surprised I knocked on the bathroom door and hissed at Bill to open the door.  He came out, brushing his teeth, and I pointed delightedly at Scratchy, who was meandering around the laundry baskets.

“He hasn’t done this in so long!”  I said happily.

It’s a good sign.