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Slacker Manchego


I admit it.  I cut into this much sooner than I’d originally planned.

I made this Manchego on January 28th – not even a full five weeks ago.  Now, there’s no official aging time with Manchego.  You can leave it for a week and eat it really young, or age it for 3 weeks, 6 months, or longer.  I had kind of intended to let this one age for at least a few months.

But what with being away for a bunch of days, and then being sick for most of last week, I just don’t have any food posts for you.  And telling you I ate oatmeal with coconut, banana, raisins and almonds for breakfast just isn’t all that exciting.  Is it?  Of course not.

So tonight, since Bill had already got dinner under way, I figured I’d cut into the Manchego and see what was going on.

Turns out, yummy cheese was going on.

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Feta Frustration

At the beginning of this month I made a double batch of Feta.  And I wrote about it here.

I was very excited.  I love Feta.  And making it was nice – it was similar, a bit, to making hard cheese like Cheddar, but shorter.  Not so much pressing and air drying and all that.

Half of the curds were tossed with salt and left in the fridge to cure for about 5 days.

The other half went into a brine and would be soaking in that brine for a month....