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Silky Coconut Butternut Shrimp Soup – A Variation on Keng Bouad Mak Fak Kham


Ohhhhhhhhh, how I love this! 

Lush and slightly sweet from the coconut milk, fragrant with lemongrass and kaffir lime leaves, this soup is elegant comfort food at its best. 

And – it’s really simple to make!

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Get Well Soup

My husband woke up not feeling well this morning.  He only ate a little of his scrambled eggs, didn’t finish his coffee, and really looked like he should be going back to bed instead of getting in the car and driving to work.

I wondered if I’d see him home earlier than usual.

Sure enough, a couple of hours earlier then his normal arrival time, Bill pulled into the driveway.  He changed into comfier clothes and crashed on the couch with the tv on.

There wasn’t a whole lot I could do for him at that point other than let him fall asleep.  I picked up the kids, got them squared away with snacks and homework and so forth, and got started on dinner.

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Caldo Verde II


Nearly a year ago I posted a recipe and photos for a version of Caldo Verde, Portuguese Kale Soup, that came from our neighbors when I was a kid.  You can read that post here.

I received a bunch of comments from readers of Portuguese descent – not to mention a phone call from a friend of ours – letting me know that the version I’d posted was only ONE way of making this much-loved national dish.

And one reader, Ana Rocha, provided (in the comments) a recipe that she said was a version very close to the original Caldo Verde.  Here’s the comment, which includes the recipe:

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Easy Miso Soup – To Soothe Your Soul. And Your Stomach.

Bill has bronchitis and a sinus infection, both of which were accompanied by a bad sore throat for two days.  Ever since I've known him, there have been two things that soothe his throat and make him feel better mentally, if not physically.  One is tea with honey and fresh ginger.  The other is a… Continue reading Easy Miso Soup – To Soothe Your Soul. And Your Stomach.