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Red Curry Macaroni with Five Cheeses – and Bacon!


My fridge is packed.  And not in a good way.  It’s stuffed with neglected containers of meals past, with foods that need to be chopped and cooked and canned…with feta in brine for another couple of weeks, with jars of salsas and jams and pickles that we cracked open just to make sure they had turned out okay.

I needed to do some cleaning out.  And part of the clean out resulted in this version of macaroni and cheese. 

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Green Thai Shrimp Curry

I recently posted pictures from our pepper harvest over on my little gardening site.  (That site, incidentally, tends to consist more of pictures of what we're growing than it does any useful gardening information.  Probably because Bill is the gardener, but I am the blogger/photographer.)

Anyway, in case any of you saw the peppers - lots and lots of long, twisty cayennes, mostly - and in case any of you were wondering what we were planning to do with all the peppers, I'm going to tell you.