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Spring Gnocchi Two Ways


Why are they called “Spring” gnocchi?  Well, partly because of the color – the green ones, that is.  And partly because the chives in the second version are among the first greens we have sprouting up in our yard every March.  I could have combined everything into one batch of gnocchi, but I thought it would be fun to have two different flavors, and two different shapes.  Plus – twice as much gnocchi!

So here’s how it all evolved…

Gnocchi · Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato Gnocchi


Every Wednesday the Providence Journal publishes their Food Section - a collection of articles about food, recipes, local food-related events, and so forth.  I would love to get the paper delivered every day - and have time to read it - but we cancelled our subscription long ago because the papers would pile up and we'd end up either recycling them or using them to start fires (in the fireplace or on the grill - not just random ones).  So, we cancelled.  And the only thing I miss is the Food Section.  Of course, fortunately the paper is online, so I can check out the food stuff there, but it's not the same as turning the actual pages, so sometimes I'll buy the Wednesday paper. 

All that long and rambling opening to explain where I got this recipe.