Fixing My Dryer


Warning:  All photos in this post were taken with my little cell phone.  There will be blurriness.  And poor lighting. 


There is the replacement of the drive belt in our dryer, so it will all be worth it!  (Well, to me and mine, at least.)

Anyway – this was not really difficult at all.  I did it solo, so you probably can, too.  If you haven’t already.

Shall we?

Softie is Not Amused


What the heck are you doing to my playground?”

Yesterday I needed to MOVE stuff. 

I go through periods of LOVING the kitchen, loving food, loving experimenting with cooking and baking, and writing about it and photographing it…

And then I hate it.

Okay, not hate.  That’s too strong a word.  But I get burnt out a bit and need to do something ELSE.

Posting Was Delayed Today Because I Finally Decided to Fix My Dishwasher

My name is Scratchy, and I will be no help at all in this story.

At some point within the past year, our dishwasher started leaking.

Neither Bill nor I have plumbing or electrical skillz, really, besides knowing how to shut off breaker switches and press "play" on the stereo or "start" on the stove.

Okay, we're not that useless, but still, we're not pros.

And the bad thing about that is that pros generally cost money.

Money we'd rather spend on cooler things like pressure canners or skiis.

And I said, months and months ago, that I'd rather just hand wash the dishes than pay someone gobs of money to fix the thing!  Besides, maybe I could figure out how to fix it myself!

And time has gone on and on and on and on…and I'm finally sick of washing the dishes – all the dishes – by hand.