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Butternut Molasses Oatmeal Cookies


I made these the other day and if I don’t make them again my family will kick me out.

Well, okay, full disclosure, Julia won’t kick me out.  She didn’t like them.  But Bill and Alex?  Oh yeah.

And they really should be called “Because I need to go to the grocery store” cookies.  Why?  I was out of several things in the original recipe, so I just subbed this and that and ended up with something unexpectedly fabulous.

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Held Captive by a Hypoglycemic Squirrel

I’ve been baking cookies over the last few days (in a frantic attempt to get caught up), and I decided to save the final trimmings from the cut-out cookies to bake and toss outside for the birds. Yes, I could just throw those last few scraps away, but it just seems so wasteful.  So I… Continue reading Held Captive by a Hypoglycemic Squirrel

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FFwD – Salted Butter Break-Ups


This week’s recipe for French Fridays with Dorie is the Salted Butter Break-Ups, and can be found on pages 400-401 in Dorie Greenspan’s book Around My French Table.

I haven’t participated in several weeks, for one reason or another, and I was overjoyed – yes, overjoyed to be able to join in this week.

These cookies are a snap to put together, and because you don’t have to scoop them or cut them out into shapes (unless you want to cut them out – the dough would work just fine for that), they’re quick to prep and get into the oven.

They’re also quick to disappear.  I made them yesterday, and after my kids’ lunches are packed, I don’t think we’ll have any left.

Here’s what’s involved…

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The Cookie Cutter Project – Cinnamon Squirrels


In case you can’t tell, they’re holding pieces of walnuts in their little cookie arms.

I was in the mood for cinnamon.  And we’ve had our little squirrel friends stopping by for seeds and scraps of toast and stale bread a lot this winter, so I thought I’d use the squirrel cookie cutter for these.

I know – it’s supposed to be a project with my kids.  But Sunday was a day of ice fishing and quilting, and we didn’t get the cookies baked.

So I baked them yesterday before everyone got home.

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The Great Cookie Cutter Project of 2011 – Week 1

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In December 2010 my son, Alex, noting the vast number of cookie cutters I have, suggested we bake a whole lot of cookies and use ALL of the cutters.  From that seed of an idea, the Great Cookie Cutter Project of 2011 sprouted.  Every weekend (or most of them) of this year, the kids and I are going to bake a small batch of cookies using about half a dozen cookie cutters from my collection.  Sometimes we might use more, sometimes we might use fewer, but the object of the game is to use ALL of the cookie cutters by the end of 2011. 

I hope you’ll stop by every week and take a look at what we’ve done!

This is Week 1….