Fried Mozzarella and Make Your Own Salad Night


Tuesday is becoming our “Make Your Own Salad” night.  We all look forward to it, and we all participate in the preparation.   I look on it as a little kitchen class for the kids.  They get to use sharp knives – great fun!

Anyway, here’s a look at last night’s culinary adventures…

All Four Food Groups! Including the All-Important Bacon Fat Group!


I almost feel like I should post this under an assumed name, what with all my perky, healthy, Look!  We Grow Vegetables!  posts lately. 

It’s…I don’t even know what to call it, other than one of the yummiest breakfasts I’ve ever had.

It’s a fried egg on top of warmed goat milk mozzarella on top of arugula on top of a piece of leftover pizza dough that was fried in bacon fat.

Yes.  Bacon fat. 

And yes.  It was that good.

Here’s how it happened…

Multitasking in the Kitchen

This past Friday I came home with plenty of goodies from the Farmers' Market.    With my haul, I planned to make mozzarella, ricotta, jam, and pie, at the very least.

Since I was going to make mozzarella, I figured I should make pizza for dinner.  So I'd also need to make pizza dough.

And we were out of bread, so I needed (or kneaded, ho ho ho) to make a couple of loaves of bread, too.

That, plus whatever sanding/applying joint compound stuff I did in the bedrooms. 

My problem was I didn't really start any of this – the baking/cheesemaking part – until after I'd picked up Alex from school.  I felt like I had PLENTY of time.


Open-Faced Flattery

I admit it, I was poking around on Photograzing (the Serious Eats version of sites like Food Gawker and Tastespotting), checking to see if the bread photo I'd submitted had been posted.  It had – but right next to my pale white bread photo was a luscious looking sandwich of roasted vegetables, goat cheese, andContinue reading “Open-Faced Flattery”

Ricotta and Mozzarella: Practice Makes Perfect (Better Still, Practice Makes More Cheese)

I've gotten behind on my posts, so much so that I've done two more batches each of Ricotta and Mozzarella but haven't written about them yet.  I'm not going to rehash the whole recipe and process every time.  If you want to see the original Ricotta-making post, go here.  And if you want to seeContinue reading “Ricotta and Mozzarella: Practice Makes Perfect (Better Still, Practice Makes More Cheese)”