Got Any Okra Recipes?


The one and only time I ever cooked okra for my family (it was frozen, chopped okra…I think I tried to fry it.  It didn’t go all that well.), Alex tried it, because he is good about trying new things, and after chewing it for a moment, he burst into tears.

This is the one and only time a food has ever made him shed tears of anguish.  We didn’t force him to finish it.  It’s been several years now, and he has agreed to try okra again. 

Okra · Tempeh

Okra and Tempeh, Indian Style

I was reading through all the Tuesdays With Dorie blogs these last several days, and I found a recipe on one that sounded perfect for dinner. 

It's Madhur Jaffrey's Sweet and Sour Okra, and it was posted by Shirlie of Stop and Smell the Basil (which, by the way, is good advice).

Anyway, it sounded good, I love Indian food, and, amazingly, I happened to have a package of okra in the freezer.  It was meant to be.