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A Look at My Morning, So Far


This was my dining room table at 6:55 this morning.

Please ignore the bags of potato chips.  In this house we only eat homemade potato chips, of course.  Those were…for………the neighbors.


On the table I’ve got some canned crushed tomatoes, other canned stuff that’s buried and you can’t see it.  Bowls of basil, sage, and kale, a little plastic container of cookes, a bowl of tomatillows, some apples, peaches, garlic, tomatoes, a few jalapenos somewhere, 6 ears of corn, that bag of shredded coconut…which is also……for the neighbors, because of course we only travel to tropical islands, climb up trees, harvest our own coconuts, and shred the flesh ourselves….

Just Dessert · Peaches

Impromptu Peach Crisp

WARNING:  I have no measurements for this "recipe."  Everything's "a handful" or "pour some" or "throw some."  I'll make an attempt to give you measurements, but I'm just guessing.

Okay, so the other night Bill made a fish soup for dinner using the one scup he and Alex brought home from a fishing trip, some leftover haddock, and some conch from our freezer.  It was really good - I made little toasts with roasted garlic butter smeared on them to go along with it.  Yum. 

And while Bill was cooking, I threw together this dessert.