Radish Salad

I just think this salad is so pretty.

We planted radishes this year.  I remember being allowed to plant radishes when I was little – it was my crop – probably because they came up so quickly and, you know, relatively instant gratification is big to a child.

Anyway, we planted them this year, and when the first batch became harvestable, Bill started looking for radish recipes. 

Our Geographically Challenged Cinco De Mayo Dinner

Yeah, we're rule breakers. 


We'd also had tacos the day before.  So instead of something Mexican, food-wise, we went Thai, in part.

Actually here's what we had for dinner last night:  

Daikon with Sesame Miso Sauce


A couple of days ago I posted a bunch of pictures of Bill making a soft shell crab maki roll.  He made a number of things that day, including a dish we'd made years ago and haven't made again in ages.  Since this particular soft shell crab roll included thinly sliced daikon as part of the assembly, Bill decided to make Daikon with Sesame Miso Sauce as well.

First of all, what the heck (you may be thinking) is a Daikon anyway?