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Making a Rye Sour


I made corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day dinner last week.  Actually, I’d started making the corned beef the week before, making a brine and soaking the brisket in the fridge for a week before finally boiling (simmering, really) it and the requisite potatoes and cabbage and carrots.  (Turnips and other root vegetables would also be traditional, but I didn’t want a TON of leftovers. 

What I did want was the left over corned beef.  I used some of it make corned beef hash over the weekend, and used some more of it last night when I made a Reuben for my husband for dinner. 

He loves a good Reuben.

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Sourdough Hotcakes – Plain or Blueberry

  Hungry? And those are turkey sausages on the plate with the hotcakes.  I handed this plate to Alex after I shot a bunch of "action shots" as I poured the syrup.  6 blueberry hotcakes (the blueberries are more visible on the undersides of the cakes) swimming in syrup.  For the record, he ate 8… Continue reading Sourdough Hotcakes – Plain or Blueberry