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A Look at My Morning, So Far


This was my dining room table at 6:55 this morning.

Please ignore the bags of potato chips.  In this house we only eat homemade potato chips, of course.  Those were…for………the neighbors.


On the table I’ve got some canned crushed tomatoes, other canned stuff that’s buried and you can’t see it.  Bowls of basil, sage, and kale, a little plastic container of cookes, a bowl of tomatillows, some apples, peaches, garlic, tomatoes, a few jalapenos somewhere, 6 ears of corn, that bag of shredded coconut…which is also……for the neighbors, because of course we only travel to tropical islands, climb up trees, harvest our own coconuts, and shred the flesh ourselves….

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Pressure Canning Beef and Chicken Stock


Way back in May, as a combination Mother’s Day, Birthday, Christmas, and any other gift-receiving holiday you can think of, I got a pressure canner.  And I’ve been waiting to use it.  I knew that the first thing I wanted to can was homemade stock.  I make a lot of stock, chicken especially, and I’d wanted the pressure canner especially so I could put the stock in jars and give us more room in the freezer. 

Finally, a couple of weeks ago, the pressure canner made its canning debut….

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A Wee Sma’ Batch of Pickled Beets

Three 8 oz jars of pickled beets. I’ve written before that as a child I was not a fan of beets.  I didn’t like how their pink juice bled into my mashed potatoes.  As an adult, though, I love them.  And if I don’t want pink food, I can just put my beets in a… Continue reading A Wee Sma’ Batch of Pickled Beets

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Mixed Hot Pepper Jelly


I was thinking ahead to Christmas with this one.  Thinking of making festively-colored jelly to give (if we can bear to part with any) to some family and friends.

I’d already made two batches of Habanero Gold, which is a very pretty gold (of course) color with flecks of red pepper in it.

There was also a recipe for Jalapeno jelly, which would be pretty with the flecks of green…but I’d used up a lot of our jalapenos when I made hot sauce.

What to do?

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Habanero Gold

IMG_6093 Hot Paper Lantern Habanero Peppers, ripening in our garden.

We grew a variety of hot peppers this year and, amazingly, they’ve all done really well.  We’ve made fresh salsa with them, and recently I canned some Jalapeno salsa and will probably make another batch of that when more of the peppers have reached maturity.

A couple of years ago our friend, John, made some sort of hot pepper jam or marmalade and gave us a jar.  I don’t remember all the details, just that it was hot and sweet and completely addictive. 

With our lovely selection of peppers this year, I really wanted to make a jam or jelly myself.  Over the winter I’d gone through various canning books and recipes, and marked the pages of the jellies I wanted to try.  And finally, with our peppers ripening, and some of them turning brilliant shades of red, it was time.