Flour Tortillas


I cleaned a whole bunch of bags of chicken and turkey carcasses, beef bones, pork bones, and assorted meat trimmings out of the freezer earlier this week.  We need to make room in there, at least, we hope we do.  We may or may not have a really good reason to need space.  So, in case all goes as planned (I’ll tell you after – don’t want to jinx it), we’ve been eating from the freezer as much as we can.

Fresh Tortilla Goodness

See that face?  That adorable little boy face?  (Or, if he were writing this, that handsome manly face?) That almost wistful look is actually one of bliss and helpless gluttony.  He is saying “This is one of my favorite dinners you’ve ever made, Mom” and “I ate too much” at the same time. Wanna knowContinue reading “Fresh Tortilla Goodness”

My Fifteen Minutes

Back in April I threw together a quick post about a batch of spaghetti tacos I made for my kids.  You can read that post here.  It was a quick post, just for fun, and I didn't think much of it after that.

But I've noticed, in the last several months, that "spaghetti tacos" is one of the top searches that leads people to my blog.  Spaghetti tacos.  I was, at some point, in the number 2 spot on Google when you looked up spaghetti tacos.  Interestingly, the iCarly website link was in the number 3 spot.  Bizarre.

And then last week I got an email from Helene Stapinski of the New York Times.  She said she was doing a piece on spaghetti tacos and wanted to know if she could talk to me.