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The Rest of Thanksgiving


I have to say, food-wise this was probably my most successful Thanksgiving meal to date.  I know, that sounds like bragging, but I’m really not.  I’m kind of delighted and amazed. 

Above – our appetizers.  Way in the back, in the crystal dish, we’ve got Ants On a Log.  Alex spread the peanut butter and Joe’s fiancé, Sage, added the raisins.  Then, on the little green plate, kind of blurred, are the sausages and mustard.  More on them in a bit.  Then we’ve got little squares of a version of kale pie that were – I’m bragging now – fabulous.  And then there’s some cream cheese with hot pepper jelly on top…crackers, and mixed dry-roasted nuts.

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Cranberry Sandwich Bread


Every year around this time, the Thomas’ Cranberry English Muffins make their appearance in the grocery stores.  I love these.  So does Julia.  No matter how hard I resist, my hand just reaches out and grabs a package whenever I’m within a 40 foot radius of the display.  I’m not kidding.  You can imagine the looks I get.

So the other day, when I was baking bread for the week (it sounds like I do this regularly, and I should, but I am not as organized as I wish.  Can you get an organizational skills transplant?), I thought I should throw some cranberries into one of the loaves, just to see how the loaf would turn out.

I’m here to tell you it turned out pretty darn yummy.