Making a Healthy Snack


You’ve met my daughter.

She asked for an egg sandwich the other morning, and while the egg was frying, she grabbed her camera and took a picture.

I’m thinking of starting a separate blog just for her, an offshoot of this one, maybe “Barefoot Kitchen Pixie” or something like that.


That same day (Julia was home from school, recovering from strep throat), later, after the egg sandwich, she was hungry.

A clear sign she was feeling a lot better….

Working With What You’re Given

Not very long after I wrote the previous post, in which I happened to mention the SUN appearing after days and days of rain, the sky darkened and – surprise, surprise, rain fell again. TONS of rain. Torrential rain. I ran through the house, climbing on top of furniture to get to windows so IContinue reading “Working With What You’re Given”

Hail Yeah.

So we had a hail storm yesterday.  We'd had kind of crazy weather all day – blue skies and puffy clouds one minute, dark gray clouds, pouring rain and sky to ground lightning the next.  The national weather service (or whoever does this) even interrupted TV programming to run some severe weather warnings throughout theContinue reading “Hail Yeah.”