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Booger Jam


This isn’t something you’ll be able to make all the time, of course.  In fact, in order to make the project worth your time and effort, it helps if you gradually stock up on the ingredients over, say, a year.

It really helps if you’ve got small children and your whole family gets massive head colds throughout the winter.  Just, you know, save the bits and pieces in ziploc bags in the freezer so they’ll stay nice and almost-fresh.


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Jalapeño Salsa


This recipe comes from Ball's Complete Book of Home Preserving.  The book says you'll get about six 8-ounce jars or three pints.  I got five 8-ounce jars plus a little (maybe a quarter cup) left over, which was nice because I got to taste it.  The rest of the jars will sit for at least 3 more weeks, as the book recommends letting the salsa mature "to mellow and round out the outstanding flavor."

Here are the ingredients (and some pictures and my commentary):