Trout Egg Pictures


A couple of weeks ago Bill and Alex went fishing and brought home a couple of trout.  One of them was female and full of eggs.

We saved them, and what I should have done was spend some quality time online looking up recipes for curing them, so I could make us some fresh caviar.

But I didn’t.  And I basically ruined them.

But before I did that, I took pictures….

Smoked Trout Ravioli


My new favorite use for leftover smoked trout!

In past years, when we’ve had extra smoked trout, one of the things I like to do is make trout hash.  I’ve also made mushrooms stuffed with chevre and smoked trout…and salmon cakes which could just as easily have been trout cakes, because both varieties were caught that day.  All of those are very yummy, and I’ll probably make one or two of them again soon, after the next successful trout trip.

But I wanted to do something new…and this is what I came up with.



Bill and Joe had a great Opening Day. 

They were on the water at 6:00 am and around 8:30 or just before that, Bill called to say they’d be packing it up soon – they’d caught more than their limit and would maybe fish for another half hour, just for fun, and then head back, with ten trout.  I think there were 7 rainbow and 3 brown.  Or maybe it was 8 and 2.  The largest, a rainbow, was about 17” long.

Another Opening Day

No, I’m not talking baseball, though that’s a big thing in this house, too.

I’m talking fishing.  Trout, specifically.

Here in Rhode Island, it’s my husband’s favorite holiday:

Opening Day of Trout Season.

I’ve written about this before over the years, and apart from all of us being another year older (except me – I’m a year younger, I’ve decided), things remain pretty much the same. 

Here are a few links to past Opening Day-related posts, in case you’re interested:

Mushrooms Stuffed with Chevre and Smoked Trout

I made a batch of chèvre recently.  Have I mentioned how much I love cheeses made with goats' milk?  Something about that tang…yum.  I wish we had more land.  I'd raise goats.