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Kitchen Snapshots from a Rainy Sunday

Bill and I spent most of yesterday in the kitchen, working on various food projects, some for eating that day, others for packing away for future meals.  We used to spend entire weekends just cooking, way back when.  During this summer so much of our time has been consumed by the whole house-painting project that yesterday, we both agreed after dinner, was like a vacation.

Here’s a look at what we were doing…

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Cantonese Lemon Chicken


From Better Homes and Garden’s Wok Cuisine, Oriental to American, page 103.

Yes, Better Homes and Gardens.  Oh, don’t laugh at me.  There are a lot of good recipes, and the layout and photos are really nice, too.  So be nice.

Bill wanted to make something the kids would like, since they’re not always up for spicy stuff.  This sounded very kid-friendly and yummy, so that’s what he went with.