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On my arm.

Bill and I were looking at a tomato plant in the front yard yesterday when this gorgeous little creature landed on my arm. 

I froze in place, hoping it would stay a while, and sent Bill into the house to get my camera.  Actually, what I said was “RUN IN THE HOUSE AND GET MY CAMERA!”  I can be rather bossy.  But only when the situation warrants. 

Fun · Wildlife


I was getting ice from the freezer, which is near the back door in the kitchen, and I just happened to glance outside.

And I saw a little bunny on the grass on the other side of our driveway.

Eeeeeeeeeeeee!  A bunny!  Only there was no one to tell, because everyone else was (and is) still in bed.




Our Trio of Tadpoles – Now With More Legs!


Time for breakfast, little tadpoles!  Are they still tadpoles once they get hind legs?  Yep – I just looked it up.  They remain tadpoles (or polliwogs) until they’ve got all their legs, their lungs have developed, and their tails are disappearing.  Then they’re called froglets.  I can’t wait til we can refer to them that way – it’s cute.

Here’s what we’ve been feeding them – lettuce.  Bits of lettuce (organic, from the garden – nothing but the best for our tadpoles!) that have been frozen (to break down the cell structure) and then chopped up into little bits.  They thaw at this point and get all mushy.