Mushrooms · Pickling

Lüchow’s Pickled Mushrooms

When we were planning the menu for this year's Oktoberfeast (and, FYI, Bill apparently hates when I refer to it as Oktoberfeast.  "Because it's OktoberFEST!" he said with great exasperation yesterday.  I told him on my blog I'm focusing on the food part of it, and so it's a FEAST.  And it's my blog.  So there.) we knew we'd make the sauerbraten, the spaetzle, the sauerkraut, red cabbage...decided against the Onion Cake this year...Bill requested Linzertorte...and it was up in the air as to whether I'd make bread or not.  It's not like we NEED the additional starch in the meal - the spaetzle is plenty.  But...I like to bake bread...and it's good for sopping up that last bit of the end, I made bread.  But that's another post.