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Cooking With My Kids: Cranberry Orange Walnut Pancakes with Cranberry Orange Syrup

A few nights ago, after dinner, we were all downstairs, flopped out on the couch and the big chair, watching tv.  We were probably either watching the Olympics or some nature show. 

Because bedtime was approaching, both my kids were suddenly hungry.  It's funny how they are starving to death ten minutes before they are due to go to sleep, despite big meals and maybe a dessert, too.  What amazing metabolisms they have.

Just Dessert

Grapenut Butternut Flan

I can hear you all going "HUH???" out there (or worse) (and yes, I'm talking to you, Susan) so I want to explain why I came up with this dessert.

My dad's birthday was last Friday, and he'd requested the main item for dinner, but left dessert entirely up to me.  So I was thinking about all the things my father likes for dessert.  Part of the list included things like squash pie, grapenut pudding, and, most recently, the eggnog flan I made around Christmas and New Year's.  Hmmmm.  The wheels began to turn.

What's for Breakfast?

Pear & Pecan Coffee Cake

We got together for brunch at my cousin and his wife's house this past Sunday.  Normally they are with us for Christmas, but this year my cousin, Steve, went home to his native England for a visit, so things worked out a bit differently.

Anyway, brunch at their house is ALWAYS something you want to get to, because Colleen (Steve's wife) is an awesome cook and she makes enough for the whole town to eat.  And she makes this egg dish, with chourizo and tater tots and cheese (and onions?  don't remember), all baked in the oven - it's VERY good.