Breads and Crackers

Indiana Basic White Bread


I was looking through various bread books yesterday.  I wasn't sure what I wanted to make, but we were out of bread, or almost out, so I needed to bake something.

I actually found two recipes, in two different books, that I decided to make.  The first one I found will be posted another time (because it's not done yet - it's a two-day process), so today I give you the second one.

Breads and Crackers

Easy Herb Batter Bread – (the first bread I learned to make)


My mom belonged to a local garden club when I was a kid - and well beyond that, actually.  They did a lot to make the town look nice - the trees planted along main street were their doing, for instance.  "Project Beautification" is a program I seem to remember...

Anyway, another project one year was a little cookbook called Indian Run Gardeners Cook Book.  The name "Indian Run" refers (if memory serves) to a little brook that runs parallel to part of Route 108 near Old Mountain Field.  All the members of the club provided a menu and at least one recipe for that menu. 

Here's the cover of my copy.